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How to Use Intuition in Clinical Practice

Ongoing workshops based on published research and integration of an intuitive psychotherapy practice model. Please call or email with any questions, to schedule an individual consultation, or to join an online training program.

Guest Lecturer on the role of intuition in clinical practice. The content is shaped to address curriculum requirements as well as the needs and interests of the students. All lectures are currently conducted online. 

Intuition Study Groups meet monthly  to discuss how to identify, define, and develop intuitive practice skills. The focus is on clinical application and is based on decades of research.

Conference Workshops

International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education. "My Two Psychoanalyses." Pasadena CA, October 2023.

American Association for Psychoanalytic Clinical Social Work. "From Divisiveness to Peace: Reflections on How We Get There." Chicago, IL. November 2023. 


Participant Review:

"Marilyn is an extremely skilled facilitator who offers a mix of research, experience, well-honed intuition, humor and structure within which to learn. I highly recommend this study group" - S.F.

Intuition Study Groups

The purpose of the groups is to support the development of intuitive skills in psychotherapy practice. The groups meet one a month for six months for each session. Spring sessions begin in March and end in  August. Fall sessions begin in September and end in February. Open to all clinicians regardless of skill level.

Study groups are small, offering members the opportunity to engage fully.


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