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Working with adults, she specializes in individual and couples therapy through Telehealth and in person.

Individual Therapy


From the moment of first contact we focus on your reason for seeking treatment. Whether it is your first time or you are a veteran of psychotherapy, we work together to identify your current needs.  

The value of this form of self-reflection may be unclear if you are new to psychotherapy. An initial assessment of your life circumstances helps to determine how best to proceed. We address your concerns: a critical event; relational issues; stress; feelings of anxiety or depression. The focus of attention is always on your experience in the present where everything important can be known and addressed. 

If you are a veteran of psychotherapy you are likely aware of early patterns of emotional experience that have shaped the framework of your life challenges. Your return to therapy may be to deal with a crisis, a life transition, or a current challenge.


Couples Therapy

Intimate relationships are the most challenging and potentially most rewarding experiences of life. This is true in families of origin as well as the ones we create as adults. Individual psychotherapy deepens self-awareness while treatment with a partner can help exponentially in understanding interactional dynamics. The value of working with a partner in treatment cannot be underestimated. When both are present the therapist directly experiences each person and can work with the nuances of interactional communication that are unavailable in individual treatment. This can lead to deepening understanding, intimacy, and partner satisfaction.  

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