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The Purpose of Psychotherapy is



Marilyn Stickle MEd, LCSW, BCD, has been a psychotherapist for over 45 years. Working in leadership positions locally and nationally to address mental health issues and legislation, providing advanced clinical training, and has since developed an intuitive model of psychotherapy practice. 

Trained in psychodynamic theory, she understands the important role connection plays in human wellbeing. She has worked with gifted intuitive practitioners and has learned that intuition is a form of knowing that enriches the therapeutic process. She teaches her patients to trust their intuitive capacities in order to gain deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships. 

Putting her years of experience with intuitive practice in writing, she is the co-author of Intuition in Psychotherapy: From Research to Practice published by Routledge in 2019 with the aim of assisting other clinical practitioners in learning to access and develop their intuitive skills.

She works with clients in her psychotherapy practice, trains students and practicing clinicians, and addresses audiences on the subject of intuition. She can be contacted at



Specializing in Individuals & Couples Therapy


Keynote Speaker


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